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Sanka Dineth

Sanka Dineth


It came as no surprise to many who knew him from a tender age, as Sanka Dineth DeSilva transformed from your normal boy-next-door to a singing sensation. With a love for music that ran hand in hand with a passion for creativity, his rise to stardom was inevitable.

School Life: Sanka’s musical genius started to show during his early school years. He studied at Tissa Central College and then transferred to Panadura Sri Sumangala College, both schools in his hometown, Kalutara. He was a member of the college western band and it was a common sight to see Sanka taking part in most of his college extracurricular activities as well as talent shows, promoting not only his musical talent and composing skills, but also his scholastic capabilities.In a highly demanding educational environment during his Advanced Levels, he still managed to participate in school musical events. He was awarded the post of College Music Director without hesitation by his counterparts and teachers, who by this time knew of Sanka as a versatile and endowed musical prodigy. Composing also brought the opportunity for Sanka to be part of the College orchestra. These two years proved to be vital in Sanka’s musical life, and he explored and studied many aspects and variations of music from all across the world, even as far as the discipline of Opera. Soon after he left school, Sanka joined the band ‘drizzle’ and played for many local functions and events held in hotels and venues across the country.

Sirasa Super Star: Sanka Dineth DeSilva was among the 50,000 people who competed in Sri Lanka’s answer to “American Idol” – “Sirasa Super Star”. The panel of distinguished judges was startled by the raw talent that Sanka depicted when he walked into the room with his 6 string and started strumming the guitar with his own version of ‘Muwa Muktha Latha’, originally performed by Mr. Edward Jayakody.

Sanka’s versatility in vocals and the ability to play music by ear was a stepping stone within the competition, and he was eventually chosen as part of the final twelve. It was a battle for the best musician now, and most importantly he knew that he had to make an impression to hold on to the nation’s love and support in order to gain their votes.
Sanka was eliminated from the competition and was the sixth member to leave the new found Super Star family. But even though Sanka left the show early, Sirasa had plans for this budding young talent, and his fans were positive that this wasn’t the last they would hear from him.

Musical Influences: Sanka has been widely influenced by artists of both spheres, ranging from Sri Lankan musicians such as Amarasiri Peiris and Kasun Kalhara to western icons such as Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Ronan Keating and Bryan Adams. Sanka also favours a variety of musical genres from soft rock and pop to Latin and Indian music, mostly covering movie soundtracks. Sanka not only plays guitar, but also piano, violin and flute. His versatility shows not only in his talent, but also in his qualifications, with a diploma in vocal classic Bhatkhande Music.

Personal Life: Sanka’s tight knit family includes his father, a stores manager of a private company, his mother, his shadow and strength throughout the Sirasa Superstar Competition, an English teacher in Kalutara, and his younger sister, currently studying for her advanced levels.

OBA video: His passion for creativity and experimenting with new ideas led him to a conclusion that he owed something new and memorable to his millions of fans as a sign of gratitude for sticking by him and supporting him throughout the competition. His inspiration came in the form of the movie Sin City, based on high quality black and white graphics with colorization of specific subjects. Sanka knew that such a visual would be groundbreaking if shot and produced in Sri Lanka. His confidence made him work alongside ‘Guerilla Productions’ using the green screen technique, providing the chance for artificial backgrounds as well as other foreground elements to be added later. His hard work and tireless effort did not go to waste, as the video became a huge hit among his fans and music lovers across the country. This video also received an appreciation from a US Software Company under the ‘special effects’ category.

Other Work: Sanka has so far been involved in several commercials such as , Cream Soda and Maliban Cream Crackers. He has also been keeping track of his educational qualifications, and was selected for the Sri Lankan prize for LCCI advertising.

Sanka was chosen by
The next most exciting thing Sanka is looking forward to is the reception of his movie music directorial debut on ‘Nino Live’, a movie directed by Thisara Imbulana and produced by Indian movie producer Sahil Guptha which was nominated to the best music direction at 3rd global film festival.As his 2nd movie music debut “ Colour “ will be releasing at the end of june featuring many popular artists such as Kamal Addararachi, Udayanthi. For more information on this young and vibrant musical star, visit his official facebook Page.

Sankranthi: Sanka’s newest album takes on the most basic foundation of all human emotions, love. Even though only a lucky few live to experience true love, there was, or will be a moment in each and every person’s life
where they feel drowned by the depth of this feeling. For Sanka, it was imperative to show his fans both shades of love, the light and dark. The moment when one realizes the end of a relationship, fear looms. Many wonder if they will ever find love again. Most eventually move on, but some descend to darkness. Sanka based his songs, ranging from pop and rock to classical and opera, on this daring subject of what darkness love can bring within a short period of time. The journey a man takes from the time of loss, to the realization of new hope and a new life. The journey one can chose to make alone, or not make at all. The journey from a vacuum world, to one filled with eternity. The journey Sanka wants you, his fans to take with him. The journey.. Sankranthi… of love…

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